NCFL Connectivity Policy

This document contains the 2019 NCFL Connectivity Policy. All computer connectivity issues in all events are covered by this policy. Please read and review prior to nationals.

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NCFL Constitution

This document contains the fundamental principles which governs the operation of the NCFL. It will be updated as required. The latest version will be posted here.

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NCFL Bylaws

This document establishes the specific rules for the categories offered by the NCFL and documents the structure and format of the NCFL Grand National Tournament. It will be updated as required. The latest version will be posted here.

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Diocesan Director Form

This form should be completed by the Diocesan Moderator and submitted with school forms and payment of dues.

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Candidate Nomination Form

Executive Board positions come up for election every two years. In order to be considered, you must submit this form by January 1st to the current NCFL League President.

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Richard Gaudette Nomination Form

The Richard Gaudette Award was established in 2008 in honor of the NCFL's Executive Secretary and Treasurer of more than 25 years. The principle which guides this award is service. The individual/group nominated must be or have been a member of the NCFL who promoted service as well as "leadership through speech" at either a local, state or national level. The committee of seven which determines the award's recipient will be made up of the NCFL First Vice President and 6 others selected by the NCFL President. Nominations will be accepted until January 15, with the award/s being presented at the NCFL Grand National Tournament Award Ceremony.

Please state your reasons for nominating this/these individuals in an email.

Please email your nomination to Catherine Luhr at by January 15.

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School Membership Form

All NCFL Member Schools must complete the NCFL Membership Form and pay $50 dues not later than December 10. Forms and dues may be submitted by January 10 with an additional $5 late fee.

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NCFL Newsletters

These are the official communications from the NCFL Executive Board. They are released as needed, but generally they will come after the fall and winter meetings. We are hoping, going forward, that there will be one released after the NCFL Grand National Tournament.

Please use the link below to get on the NCFL Mailing List.

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