NCFL 2014 Extemp Topic Areas

The NCFL 2014 Extemporaneous Speaking Topics will be as follows:

  1. US Politics
  2. US Legal & Constitutional Issues
  3. US Foreign Policy
  4. US Economic Policy
  5. Medicine, Science, and Technology
  6. Education (International and Domestic)
  7. Foreign Economics
  8. Foreign Leaders
  9. International Conflicts and Civil Unrest

Everyone is invited to submit specific questions for each Topic Area.  Please send your questions to "" by April 18, 2014.  You can submit as many questions as you like in as many of the Topic Areas as you like.  All questions are welcome.  In the past two years we have used many of the questions that were submitted by students and coaches.  It's entirely possible you could submit a question that you would get to speak on, maybe even the one you'd use in Finals!