Extemporaneous Speaking Topic Areas for NCFL 2015

The Extemporaneous Speaking Topic Areas for NCFL 2015 are:

  • US Legal & Constitutional Issues
  • US Foreign Policy
  • US Economic Policy
  • Medicine, Science, and Technology
  • Societal Values & Ethical Issues (International & Domestic)
  • Education (International & Domestic— Foreign Economics
  • International Conflicts and Civil Unrest
  • International Organizations
  • Foreign Economics

All students and coaches are encouraged to submit specific questions in any of these topic areas.  Questions should be sent via email to “extemp@ncfl.org”.  Please indicate which topic area your question belongs in.  Please indicate your name and whether you’re a student or coach in your email.  You can submit as many questions as you like.  We will accept questions until April 23, 2015

List was updated to reflect list published in newsletter.